Brother: I wonder what Satan looks like..
Me: Well, first off his name is Lucifer and he's a fallen angel. According to the bible he was suppose to be super gorgeous.
Brother: Really?
Me: Yeah. I guess you could say he was....
Brother: ???
Me: ... fine as hell.

[lies down] i miss my laptop


tagged by the lovely rayislame fav 6 selfies thing ??? yeah boi


Are cats even real?



can we just ask ourselves who the fuck is eating a whole swordfish at beacon



it’s a game for android and iOS phones hhh

ahhh it’s online too according to the ones that replied to this post v uv

Anonymous asked: i have no idea but then she went and called kageyama haru bc of free! i think. she didn't really give yamaguchi one bc as she said and i quote "i don't pay attention to him all that much."

cries yamaguchi is a cutie tho i just dont understand why he likes soggy fries

ragehappycentral asked: your nsfw tag for art should totally be weiweiporn

that’s my nsfw art blog i have it hoarded /o/ nothing’s in there tho omg

it’s a game for android and iOS phones hhh

Anonymous asked: aw same! :D well, I hope you have a wonderful day today!! <3

and the same to you!! <3

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